The Social Enterprise Ecosystem project is committed to supporting capacity building events across the country that clearly demonstrate value to the social enterprise sector and assist in promoting the project and its partners.

Process for approval:

  • Application forms must be received 90 days before the start of the event;
  • Maximum sponsorship for regional events are capped at $2,500; Maximum sponsorship for national events up to $5,000;

Sponsorship Criteria:

S4ES will only sponsor events that have a demonstrated value to the social enterprise sector (60 points). Demonstrated value should include:

  • Clearly stated outcomes for the event including tangible results such as a report or action plan.(10 points)
  • Must identify the scope of conference (national, regional) and the reach both participants and online. If it is a targeted population or group please make the case for why.  (10 points)
  • Ability to influence the sector – (track record of event organizers, reputation or following, ability to bring people together) (10 points)
  • Opportunities to learn and share best practices at the event (10 points)
  • Opportunities to connect and network across different populations and places (10 points)
  • Proactive cross-sector engagement of public, non profit and private sector actors (5 points)
  • Use of Social Enterprises to deliver services or products for the conference (tote bags, catering, etc) (5 points)
  • Each sponsorship will aim to deliver a strong opportunity for promotion of the S4ES project and its partners, according to the level of sponsorship. (40 points)
  • Provide clear definitions of what types of engagement and visibility – S4ES and partner logos, social media; communications materials; workshops; speaking opportunities (20 points)
  • One or more partners of S4ES are given the opportunity to highlight their work related to program deliverables. (20 points)

Responsibilities of sponsorship recipients: Successful applicants enter into a formal agreement that details mutually agreed sponsorship conditions. This agreement includes:

  • Benefits
  • Timelines
  • Reporting and evaluation requirements
  • Quantified audience and reach

The S4ES project has final approval of any promotional or advertising item that refers to S4ES and its partners. Examples include reference to S4ES and its partners or their brands on:

  • Advertising copy
  • Press releases
  • Website content
  • Displays/signage
  • Promotional information

Applications must be submitted 90 days before the event.