Case Studies

Affirmative Ventures
Lori Edgar, Director of Operations

"SEI has provided our organization with the strategic clarity and focus we needed to improve our messaging and allowed us to better communicate our services, programs and social impact. We can now effectively show the added value of our unique approach to mental health."

Case Study-Affirmative Ventures

Pillar Nonprofit Network
André Vashist, Director, Social Innovation

"Partnering with S4ES has allowed us to gain relevant knowledge and increase our capacity in curriculum development for the delivery of an impactful program. Our collaboration with SEI contributed to achieving Pillar’s objectives in supporting social enterprises to grow and sustain their business."

Case Study-Pillar Nonprofit Network

Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario
Elly Green, Program Manager, SENCO

"Partnering with S4ES, as a regional intermediary, has allowed us to engage our region with relevant resources and tools being developed and tested across the county, specifically for social enterprises. With the right resources, supports and connections we know a thriving social enterprise ecosystem will continue to emerge and flourish in our region."

Case Study-SENCO
S4ES provides Grant Fund to support social enterprises across Canada

Here are some of their stories and impact

Ateliers Créatifs Montréal
Grant Fund Manager: Réseau d'investissement social du Québec (RISQ)

Ateliers créatifs Montréal (ACM) is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 whose mission is to develop and protect affordable, adequate and lasting workspaces and creation spaces for professional artists in visual art, crafts and cultural organizations.

RISQ, through the S4ES Grant Fund, issued a loan of $25,000 for the hiring of the personnel needed to coordinate the implementation of three pilot projects, rent expenses, professional fees to design the renovations necessary, travel, and representation expenses for the launching of the space.

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Cape Breton Farmers Market Co-operative
Grant Fund Manager: Nova Scotia Co-operative Council (SENNS)

The Cape Breton Farmers Market Co-operative (CBFM Co- op) was officially created in 2007 to bring together producers and crafters wishing to sell their products collectively from a seller’s market facility.

CBFM received $25,000 from SENNS through the S4ES Grant Fund to support the Co-op in transitioning into its newly renovated location as well as to addressing some cost overruns.

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Eva Co-op
Grant Fund Manager: Réseau d'investissement social du Québec (RISQ)

Eva Co-op was founded in 2017 to offer a more equitable alternative to sharing economy models in urban mobility. The positive features of the sharing economy merge with the social and solidarity economy principles. Through a decentralized blockchain-based platform, Eva ensures a liaison between driver and passenger members to promote a sharing economy ecosystem.

The $25,000 S4ES Grant Fund contributed to match the $100,000 deposit to the government, allowing Eva to participate and start operations in the context of the pilot project for the ride-sharing industry.

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Fredericton Bouldering Co-op, Ltd.
Grant Fund Manager: Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp (CFFAC)

Fredericton Bouldering Co-op (FBC) was established in 2018 in an effort to rally the local rock-climbing community and provide fellow climbers with facilities to replace the aging and soon-to-be-demolished university gym in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp (CFFAC) through the S4ES Grant Fund provided a loan of $40,000 that allowed the acquisition of a nearly 6,000 sq.ft. new FBC facility to serve the community.

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Potluck Cafe and Catering employee

Potluck Cafe Society
Grant Fund Manager: Vancity Community Foundation

Potluck Cafe Society is an award-winning social enterprise. It owns and operates Potluck Cafe & Catering Inc., creating opportunities for people with barriers to employment. Its mission is to transform lives while creating jobs and providing healthy food for people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES).

Potluck Cafe Society received two grants amounting to $30,389. The funds were used to strengthen Potluck’s marketing strategy and support its move into a new location.

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Saint John Tool Library
Grant Fund Manager: Saint John Community Loan Fund

The Saint John Tool Library (SJTL) was founded in 2018 and incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2019. The mission of the organization is to inspire, equip and revitalize their communities through the lines of business such as tool rental memberships, contractor services, project management, training and capacity building and woodshop access for larger projects.

The $29,028 Saint John Community Loan Fund loan provided through S4ES allowed SJTL to transfer a high interest debt into a flexible refinanced product taking into consideration the reality of the non-profit organization.

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Skilled Accents

Skilled Accents
Grant Fund Manager: VERGE Capital

Skilled Accents is a social enterprise that believes in making a positive social and environmental impact in the community. Skilled Accents employs newcomer and refugee women in London, Ontario who are marginalized and face barriers to employment due to language and educational limitations as well as family caregiver commitments.

S4ES, through VERGE Capital, provided $50,000 loan to enable Skilled Accents to lease a commercial space to serve as a retail showroom, inventory storage, and light production facility - three functions that are crucial in its growth and scaling journey.

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