Social Impact Measurement Accelerated Certificate – Toronto June 18th

Social Impact Measurement Accelerated Certificate – Toronto June 18th

Common questions: 

What is Impact Practise? It is learning how to define (or refine), measure and report the social impact of your organization to better tell your story to the right stakeholders.

Who is it for? (Executive Directors and/or Communications Managers) medium to large social enterprises, purpose-driven companies, or enterprising non-profits – could also be government officials, foundations, investors, and grantmakers who give medium to large sized investments and want to be more informed about social and financial measures to prove impact and money well spent – and  advisors who want to learn how to take clients through this process.

Why should I care? to truly know if you are having the impact you want to have – funders want to know too!

Designed to support better “impact practise” – all the things that social sector orgs can do to plan, measure, communicate and grow their social impact. Provides the tools you need to show your enterprise delivers well, create impacts, creates value for people you are accountable to, and lives up to desired ideals and practises.

Program Format

    1. Watch Impact Practise online video before attending the
    2. Live one day training
    3. Access to 10 online courses for one year on
    4. Submit a integrated/applied assignment in or on a social enterprise, and
    5. Receive your certificate

Price – $1,999 per participant for one day workshop and one year access to ten online courses ACCESS TO CONTENT FOR ONE YEAR, GLOBAL EXPERT

Payment –  we accept Visa, MasterCard, or an invoice will be generated for your organization upon registration (net 30 days). Cancellation policy: full refund if cancelled at least 14 days prior to live training date.

Live Training – one day of live training in Toronto on June 18 at CSI (192 Spadina Ave) and Halifax on June 21 at Halifax Central Library.  Live training day will focus on an overview of the 10 steps (listed below) and understanding 4 types of values, frameworks for demonstrating impact, useful performance measures and communication tips.

Online courses – Access for a full year is the thing that people seem to like the most about the certificates. Course content on includes step-by-step clear instruction on 10 Impact Practise topics

  1. Establishing Your Mission
  2. Defining Your Business Model
  3. Identifying Your Value Proposition
  4. Developing a results framework
  5. Using performance measures
  6. Collecting useful Information
  7. Gauging Performance and Impact
  8. Reporting on Results
  9. Communicating with Impact
  10. Using Evidence to Grow Impact

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the people and groups that your org is accountable to, and build consensus on the mission and results that will lead you to success
  • Understand the ways in which you are uniquely placed to measure and deliver four types of value – customer, financial, operational and social value
  • Plan your intended results by developing a simple, logical framework that enables you to consistently measure the right things in the right way with the least effort
  • Collect credible data that is capable of indicating progress towards each of your intended outcomes and impact, and making the case for your work
  • Communicate the evidence you gather through narrative, numbers, stories, and various visual forms of reporting that are appropriate to our audiences

Use the evidence you have gathers to make better decisions, extend your influence and grow the impact of your organization


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April 2, 2018