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Whether you realize it or not, every dollar you spend has an economic, environmental and social impact. Making a conscious decision to use that purchasing power to have a positive effect on both the local economy and the vibrancy of the community is what social procurement is all about.

Our partner, Buy Social Canada (BSC), brings together purchasers that see the value of social impact and social enterprises who create social value, to make sure those opportunities can be realized.

Whether you are a business seeking to create, expand or market your social purchasing practices or a social enterprise looking to find new market opportunities, we can get you the support you need.

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Support for purchasers

  • See social procurement in action
  • Find out how you can become a Social Purchasing Partner

Support for social enterprises

  • Get your social enterprise certified through BSC
  • Find out how BSC can help social enterprise with consulting and training

Support for purchasers


Social procurement is continuously advancing, creating a standard to leverage greater value, both social and economic, from the way we buy our goods and services. To get from a social procurement policy to implementation you just need the right tools and Buy Social Canada can help.

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If your business, non-profit or government institution already prioritizes social procurement and the positive social and environmental impact it has, then you'll want to make sure you leverage that social value in the most effective way possible.

By joining Buy Social Canada's Social Purchasing Partnerships, you'll gain visibility as a verified social purchaser, access support services and contribute to the wellbeing of your community.

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Support for social enterprises

Buy Social Canada Social Enterprise Certification

As socially driven purchasing becomes more prevalent people, government, institutions and businesses are looking for trusted social enterprises to buy their goods and services from. Buy Social Canada’s third-party certification program recognizes your organization as a verified social enterprise so you can expand your market and grow your social impact.

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Consulting and training for social enterprises

Individuals and businesses know how important it is to make socially supportive procurement decisions, and they need social enterprises like yours to purchase from. With a wealth of tools available as well as custom consulting and training options, Buy Social Canada can help make sure you are procurement ready.

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Consulting and training
Whether you are a purchaser or social enterprise, BSC has you covered

No matter where you are in the process or what your social procurement goals are, Buy Social Canada can help you get where you want to go. Working in collaboration with you and their industry-leading strategic partners, they develop training packages tailored specifically to your needs.

Past and current clients include:

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Check out David LePage's new book and learn why now is the time to launch the Social Value Marketplace revolution.

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