Every purchase we make can make a difference

The more we demand social value with our products, the more opportunities there are for a social enterprise to fill that need, and the greater the impact they can have in our communities. To practice social procurement we need to actively seek out social value when considering a purchase. Now, imagine the impact we can have with the purchasing power of business, government, institutions and individuals, all clamouring for social value.

Our partner, Buy Social Canada, is dedicated to shaping healthy, vibrant communities through social procurement.

Find out how they can help you integrate social procurement into your purchasing today.

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Procurement ready

As a social enterprise, there are skills and knowledge that will help you access procurement opportunities that include a social value. To be procurement ready, a social enterprise should understand its purchaser’s needs and processes from direct awards to competitive bids. But don't worry, our expert partners are here to help.

Download BSC's PDF Social Procurement Guide